Fairfield 01
City of Fairfield
State Pennsylvania, USA
Campaigns No Mercy
Real-world Counterpart Fairfield, Pennsylvania
"Son, we just crossed the street... let's not throw a party 'til we're outta the city."
"Radio is saying Fairfield has been quarantined."

Fairfield is a medium-sized city in which the entire No Mercy campaign takes place in Left 4 Dead. Interviews with Valve developers and an in-game store sign reveal that Fairfield is located in a fictional 215 area code part of Pennsylvania.


This metropolitan city was a once-blooming city that features large buildings and skyscrapers as well as apartments and industrial factories. Mercy Hospital, Red Line Subway, Burger Tank, and Hersch Shipping Company and Eastern Waterworks factory complexes are some key areas in Fairfield. Based on graffiti, the city also appears to have an airport due to its size and also because it is surrounded by a mountain range. The city is also home to the Fairfield Police Department.

Current StatusEdit


Fairfield's former citizens.

Based on evidence found in the isolation ward at Mercy Hospital, it has been surmised that the Infection may have started in Fairfield. If true, Mercy Hospital medical staff would have implemented standard quarantine and evaluation routines whilst they sought to contain, identify and treat the contagion. Once it was clear that the plague was more contagious and spreading faster than anticipated, a state of emergency was declared giving CEDA full authority over the situation. CEDA's attempts to quarantine the city in an effort to prevent further spread of the Infection evidently proved to be too late. They shut down and placed the city's airport under quarantine (as stated on graffiti) to prevent further spread of sickness. However travelers and refugees brought the infection outside the city limits, continuing its spread throughout the country. Fairfield then slid into a state of mass chaos, panic, rioting and looting, although the city's skyline is much less ravaged than nearby Newburg.

The city is mostly overrun with the Infected; its urban infrastucture lies in a ruinous state and only a small number of safe rooms scattered across the city remain as temporary safe havens for any Survivors who happen to remain within its precincts.

Landmarks in FairfieldEdit



  • Fairfield is the first city that the Survivors start off in. It is also the first city seen in No Mercy campaign in Left 4 Dead.
  • There is a real town called Fairfield in Pennsylvania, located outside of Gettysburg. However, it is located in the 717 area code, whereas the Left 4 Dead Fairfield is within the 215 area code (Philadelphia area), approximately 100 miles east of the real Fairfield. Also, unlike the game, the real Fairfield is a small historical borough with a population of 507 as of 2010.
  • It is CEDA map shown in Left 4 Dead 2 hint that Fairfield may have been the epicenter of when the Green Flu virus began.
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