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                                                                             THE TANK

As we all know, the tank is a special, extremely powerful boss infected. A zombie of epic proportions, he is cabable of downing the survivors within 1-4 hits (Depending on the difficulty) this is why I've set this page up, as it contains facts about his strengths, weaknesses, ect. But before that, I just want to give you some extra information, the tank moves slightly slower than the survivors in both games, so he can't catch up (unless you set him on fire in Left 4 Dead 1) , but in Left 4 Dead 2 if you have a adrenline shot on you it can make you much faster than the Tanks, allowing you to get an enourmous lead if you have to try and outrun him to the saferoom.                                                                                                                                                                   


The Tank in Left 4 Dead is a large and terryfying beast, due to the infection, he has undergone massive muscle growth, causing his lower jaw and face to be completly enveloped in his massive upper body muscles. I can't show you any pictures, due to the fact it won't let me. But anyway, the Tank also has massive fists, used to punch survivors, it's due to the fact that when he encountered (if he did) previous survivors, he used his fists to move, which made them all swolen up. He uses them due to the fact his legs can no longer support his upper body due to the large amount of muscle mass. He also only focuses on 1 survivor at a time.  In the original Left 4 Dead he will pound a survivor on the ground until either the Tank or survivor is killed, or the Tank is otherwise distracted.


In Left 4 Dead 2 the tank is bald, he also has sunburn due to long amounts of time of being exposed to the sun. His hands are less swolen, and he also focuses on all the survivors instead of 1, which is devestating on Expert, he'd eliminate survivors with amazing and deadly speed. A good way to fool the Tank (Only working in Dark Carnival) is when the other 3 survivors are incapacitated, wait by the side, make sure the tank is a good halfway up the stairs, then go down the slide and revive a survivor, of course he'll do his rock throw, then just before he throws the bot should revive another one, then come back for the last one, if he/she doesn't die.


In Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, The Sacrifice, the Tank underwent a change of apperance: he has a shaven head, missing teeth, a Marine Corps tattoo on his chest, no shoes, also what appears to be his hands covered with fresh blood.


There are several diffrent campaigns (not part in the main game nor DLC'S) which have custom made Tanks with different appearences. In Suicide Blitz 2. The Tanks appear to look similar to the Fort Harris County Bandits, they wear a torn football jersey, football helmet and also football shoes. It also appears in a Easter Egg Section. Also, in the Urban Flight campaign, tanks appear as former soilders, they wear a torn military shirt (which provides no extra health or protection).

Tips and Help  

Now this is the part were I'm just going to give you a long (and I mean long) list of tips or help if you're stuck, it's all about Tanks! Sit and get comfy. 

Molotovs, Gas Cans, Explosive Items, and Other Grenades

Molotovs (also called mollies or mollys) are a good way to chip away at the Tank's health. Gas cans and fireworks are good too. If there is no obstacle behind you, chuck (if you have one) a molotov, gas can if you have one, or propane tank at the tank. Shoot it, it will not only cause the tank to lose health rapidly it will also stumble it (if it is a propane tank). Fire slowes Tanks down (in Left 4 Dead 2), so open fire on the Tank before he can do damage to the team! Due to the fact that fire isn't good in watery places, if you encounter a tank in a campaign like Hard Rain or Swamp Fever Campaign just shoot it, as the fire burns out in the water. Fire from Incindiary Rounds will burn out after five seconds, and it will cause fires caused by Molotovs to burn out.  Also, an alternitive to throwing and shooting, you should just throw the molotov at the tank and run, because if you stay there is always a chance the tank will catch up and pin you (or possibly kill you or teamate). Pipe Bombs, while generally ineffective, could be thrown at a spot where you think you could be incapped, if you time and place it correctly the Pipe Bomb could stumble the Tank, rendering him harmless for a few seconds.  Bile Bombs do nothing but slow down the Tank by causing him to be surrounded by Common Infected.  Bile Bombs are largly useless against Tanks in Co-Op, however, in Versus the Bile Bomb can blind the Tank in a manner similar to being biled by a Boomer, making hitting the Suvivors difficult.  

Ways to Look Out for a Tank

Listen for heavy breathing (don't confuse his breathing with the Hunter's or other sounds as they might sound alike) it's best to have subtitles on so you can see when he spawns, even if it is impossible to see him. There is also a chance you can see a tanks arm or leg due to size, there is also a way to chuck a Bile Bomb at the Tank without alerting him, which will spawn a horde and deal damage to the Tank, possibly killing him, but then the horde might attack you, so be careful were you shoot, or you could always end up alerting the Tank, meaning you have to deal with the Tank AND the horde.

Bet You Never Even Knew

1.  You can tell if the Tank is about to throw a rock by the absence of his ground pounding steps.

2.  The Tank cannot move while throwing a rock, so that's the best time to open fire, the best weapon for quick close range damage is the Auto-Shotgun.

3.  You are probably going to be unable to dodge a rock throw or outrun a Tank if your health is below 40.

4.  Tanks will always spawn while waiting for rescue in the finale, 1 when the rescue gets there and one each between hordes (it is possible for two tanks to spawn at the same time, as in the Plantation Finale of Swamp Fever)

5.  It is possible to destroy a Tank's rock in mid air with a variety of things, including shotguns, snipers, rifles, and even, (if you are accurate enough), a grenade.

6.  Tanks are extremely slow when crouching, so if you can force him in a vent or window sill you can deal about 1000 - 2000 points of free damage.

Well, that's all I have to say for now, hope this information has proved useful to you goodbye for now! :)

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