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Construction Site generally refers to the following:


  • Mercy Hospital ― The 28th and 29th floors of the hospital are currently undergoing construction and renovation at the time the Infection hits. The Survivors make their way past the construction and take the elevator shaft up to the rooftop to await for rescue.
  • Construction Site ― located in the city of Newburg, the Survivors pass through this construction site on their way to Metro International Airport. They must burn down a wooden barrier that prevents them from moving onward, once they set the barricade on fire, it summons the Horde.
  • Rayford Historic Underground Tour ― located in Rayford, Georgia in Left 4 Dead 2's DLC The Passing, the Survivors must take this path to go under the river to the other side and meet up with the original Survivors. The underground tour is currently undergoing construction and renovation while awaiting for more money and funding.
  • Ducatel Sugar Company ― An old sugar plant in the town of Ducatel, the site was currently being torn down by a worker/demolition crew due to old age. Infected construction workers can be seen and found here.


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