Left 4 Dead 2: ConfoglEdit

Confogl is a competitive mutation for Versus created by ProdigySim and was released as the sixth community mutation. The mutation creates balancing between the Survivor team and the Infected Team, with a few tweaks and changes of weapon distribution and other "nerfs" and "buffs" to the gamemode. The changes and attributes are listed below: (Note I probably dont have all of them but I got as many as I could)

  • Players start off with pain pills in their inventory. First aid kits are removed.
  • Chainsaws, Ammo Upgrades, Defibrilators, and Grenade Launchers are removed (Tier 3 Weapons)
  • ONLY Tier 1 weapons (Silenced Smg, Smg, Pumpshotgun, Chrome Shotgun, and Hunting Rifles. Melee weapons stay the same.)
  • Removed ALL Tier 2 weapons.
  • Hunting Rifle automatically is given to a random survivor after the 1st chapter of each map in the saferoom. (Maximun count is 1)
  • Maximum ammo is increased in Hunting Rifle and Shotguns
  • Jockeys have a 15 second cooldown except for 30 seconds (After incapacitating a survivor)
  • Boomer hordes are modified
  • Natural hordes removed
  • Tank every chapter 
  • Witch has a 75% spawn rate
  • Limited Adrenaline and Pain Pills on the maps
  • Little to no ammo piles
  • Health Bonus system.
  • Spawn timers have been set to 20 seconds

Why Confogl?Edit

Confogl introduces a new experience of competitive Left 4 Dead play. The community is growing and changing and with these modifications, this could be a fun and different gameplay experience for those who want a different kind of Versus. Confogl has also introduced many configs and plugins on the PC including Promod, Acemod, Zonemod, Equilibrium, etc. adding a newer and even better experience of Confogl. All credit goes to ProdigySim for creating this mutation. 

L4D NationEdit

Left 4 Dead Nation #1 source for competitive L4D

L4DNation will provide you with all things L4D competitive related including Confogl and its many configurations. (Promod, Acemod, Zonemod, Equilibrium, etc.)

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