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Unconfirmed Articles is a category for articles that are suspicious being incorrect, contains fanon information, or just wrong. Therefore the article be done by one of the following options:

1. Give a reference - By doing a quick research on Google you can check where the information came from, and if it's something that can be trusted (such as or so), then we can allow it, if it's fully fanon and seen only in typical forums made by fans then it should be removed.

2. Hide the information until it's clear - If we can't find anything about it and it seems real enough, then we should just hide it until we see it's true.

3. Remove it - You should do so if you find something like this: "N3W R0K3T L4NCH3R IZ C0M1NG".

This was made to avoid fanon and unconfirmed information related to Left 4 Dead's DLC and Left 4 Dead 2, because Wiki is a place for facts, and not unsupported rumors.

This category currently contains no pages or media.

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