• Halfway to Hunter

    I guess I need to tell you some things about me.

    • I actually have a Hunter OC named Diamond. SHE IS NOT FINISHED YET. In fact, she's still in the sketch phase.
    • I'm making a story based in the apocalypse, and the Hunter's in it.
    • I freak out whenever I see The Hunter in a YouTube video over L4D or L4D2
    • In case you haven't noticed, I like The Hunter. 
    • I wish I could play L4D and L4D2, but I have a PS4, and I don't have any money to buy it for the computer. 
    • My favorite Survivor is Ellis. He's a true hillbilly, and not to mention, a country-boy stereotype. 
    • To me, The Hunter's pouncing scream sounds a little bit like a goat scream. Which makes it funny.
    • I wouldn't mind the Hunter being the President. 
    • I like to draw, write, watch YouTube, listen to musi…
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  • Halfway to Hunter

    This is a question I've had on my mind for a while, but I also want to know everyone's opinion.

    Okay, so what's your favorite infected? (Say their name and the reason why.)

    So, for me, I like The Hunter. One reason is that the Hunter is easy to draw, since they have a human figure, and for an artist like me, that's the easiest thing to draw. Two, the Hunter is strong, and I like some strength on my side. Three, I just like the Hunter.

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  • Nova Stopmonk


    November 21, 2016 by Nova Stopmonk

    Okay, so I was just reading the (dramatically boring) About page. There's a blog policy, stating blogs have been prohibited. I'm assuming they just re-enabled them. That would be my guess...

    P.S. plz keep it this way.

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  • Nova Stopmonk


    November 17, 2016 by Nova Stopmonk

    Testing to see how it looks

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  • AteAlive

    C'mon, you have to admit it. When you start playing as a super-stealthed, powerful parkouring zombie, the experience is amazing; especially once you get the hang of it. It's even better once you land a couple pounces from afar... and even when you kill that lone straggler away from the rest of the survivors. So post your most memorable moments with the Hunter... good or bad! Post more than one if you want!

    My favorite was during a Versus match on No Mercy, on the Apartments. I managed to jump from the rooftops and land my first 24pt pounce... my first ever. Then I killed the same player toward the end of the level :)

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  • Johnnthemaster

    L4D3 New Weapons

    February 4, 2011 by Johnnthemaster

    here is some new weapons that i wish was in L4D3. note i have used some pics from cod black pos since they were they only one that has on the sides of the weapons

    Hud icon

    Weapon Type Light Assault

    Main weapon

    Weapon Tier 1
    Capacity 50
    Carry Capacity 650
    Damage per Shot 20
    Rate of Fire 960/minute (16/second)
    Damage per Second 320
    Damage per Magazine 1000
    Total Damage 14000

    "...A machine gun, i grab that !" ―Survivors

    The Scorpion is the Tier 1 weapon together with the Silenced Submachine Gun and the Chrome Shotgun that is available to players at the start of each chapter and to those who have re-spawned in a closet after dying. This weapon deals out light but noticeable and progressive damage on account of the high speed at which it fires. It has…

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  • Johnnthemaster

    Large Aid kit
    Hud icon same as first aid kit
    Healing Type Permanent
    Damage restored 100%
    Features Permanently restores health to player or teammates.

    "Large med over here!"―The Survivors

    The Large Aid Kit, colloquially known as a Big med kit or Large health pack, is used to heal any damage the Survivors take during a campaign. When carried by Survivors, it is held on like a backpack with visible straps holding it. it looks similare to the first aud kit except bigger and gives more health

    Large Aid Kits can be found in the start of a campaign, and during the finale of a campaign. it can also be found in first aid stations and in random places anywhere else throughout the campaign, though this is very rare. The downfall on it its there is only one that can…

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  • Zombiekiller14

    We all know L4D2 is intense, but there are some moments you seen while playing become awe-inspireing to you, or some crazy moments become, well, crazy. And those moments just make you wanna keep playing. So tell me, what's your most craziest moment while playing L4D2?

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  • Andyjak97

    Hello I help

    January 3, 2011 by Andyjak97

    Hello Guys Im a new bember for left 4 dead wiki I help for create campaigns and maps please help

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  • Lightna

    First things first!

    Ryan: A twenty-three year old man that comes from (insert random town name here), California. A man who loved his job welding and encounter the Infected in his own workplace and killed them with the blowtorch and set off an inferno in the building, barely making it out while the smell of cooking Infected flesh filled the air.

    Cassidy: A twenty-one year old woman who came out to California for her college education from the east coast. A couple weeks into her college career the Green Flu caught up to her and infected her college roommate. She witnessed her former roommate turn into a Witch and eviscerate her boyfriend. Eventually the entire campus was infected and she fled using the car she traveled the country to get to t…

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  • Zombiekiller14

    My Left 4 Dead 3 Plot

    November 29, 2010 by Zombiekiller14

    Welcome to my plot for Left 4 Dead 3(that is if Valve can get over the fear of making a third Left 4 Dead(they're serious, right?)). I know there isn't a lot, but I'll edit it as soon as I get more ideas.

    Left 4 Dead 3 takes place 2 and a half weeks after the first infection. It starts in Covington, KY. The population of uninfected is droping in the west, and the United States has declared a state of emergency. The west side of the US is falling. But hope is not lost. More survivors are fighting against the Infection, in hope of survival.

    In the intro, The survivors(see below) are defending each other from the Infected. Katie fires a sniper rifle, and reloads. Behide Katie, Logan shoots attacking Infected with the AK-47. Then suddenly, a Hun…

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  • GTA:SA=best1

    L4D3 wishlist

    November 27, 2010 by GTA:SA=best1
    • Checking around the wikia, i never found a blog like this, so I diecided to make one myself.

    Fell free to post your ideas for the next L4D... No one will judge you based on your wishings.


    Valve may not take your suggestions, but they may look over this pageGTA:SA Is the best 22:18, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Bill4Ever

    Midnight Riders

    November 24, 2010 by Bill4Ever

    Even though the Midnight Riders might not be a real band they have great songs:

    One bad Man

    Midnight Riders

    Save me Some Sugar

    they should be a real band they probably be famous because of their music

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  • Stalecookie122

    left 4 dead

    November 24, 2010 by Stalecookie122

    If you luv left 4 dead say yea!

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  • Bill4Ever

    Left 4 dead times

    November 23, 2010 by Bill4Ever

    im working on a type of newspaper that involves this i will be trying to post it on here when i do please comment hope you enjoy

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  • Admi98

    Uncommon Special Infected

    November 15, 2010 by Admi98

    If Valve decided to make Left 4 Dead 3 you think they should make uncommon special infected like a ceda worker hunter or riot jockey.

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  • Amjet2151


    November 9, 2010 by Amjet2151

    What places do you think they should they put in Left4Dead3? Here is some of my sugesstions:

    1)a school

    2)army base

    3) the country

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  • Mr.potata

    L4D2 is Coming to PS3 !

    November 8, 2010 by Mr.potata

    So they say.....

    Seems EA does want the money of PS3 owners even if Valve doesn't. Or maybe its a typo. What I do know is right now on the EA site they have it coming to the PS3.

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  • Zombiekiller14

    Left 4 Dead Help

    November 3, 2010 by Zombiekiller14

    Hey, if you need help on unlocking a achievement, or if you want to find a way to kill a Tank faster, I can help you out any way I can. I can even give you hints. Thanks. Zombiekiller14

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  • Speical ops genral minigun

    who is your favorate characters it can be a playable or npc

    mine is ellis,whitaker and bill

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  • Lasmoore

    Left 4 Dead 3

    October 20, 2010 by Lasmoore

    Info soon.

    The surviviors from L4D and L4D2 Appear. There is one new Survivor to replace Bill. L4D2 Surivors are in the list of L4D2 Survivor camapgins. While the L4D Survivors are in the L4D Survivor capaigns list.

    Sean: The new survivor. More info soon.

    L4D Survivor Campaigns:

    Hell Hood rescue vechicle: The classic Helicopter

    Death Rig rescue vechile: Motor Boat

    Forest of No Return rescue vechile: Seprate Motrocycles

    Death Run rescue vechile: Plane

    L4D2 Survivor Campaigns:

    The Mist rescue vechile: Armored Limo

    Junk Yard rescue vechile: Monster Truck

    Doomicicle rescue vechile: Cargo Train

    Dead Sea rescue vechile: Large Sail Boat

    Hunter: they can wall jump.

    Boomer: There barf is wider and they now have 100 health instead of 50.

    Uncommon infected return. …

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  • Lasmoore

    Mutation Idea: The Legend

    October 17, 2010 by Lasmoore

    If this was real, it propally be the Hardest game mode. A mix between Ultra Realism and Last Man on Earth.

    Rules: You only get one chance to get one chance to get away from being incaptitated per Chapter. No team mates to help you. There are no outlines around anything. No HUD to check your ammo and health. But if you complete a Campaign, You are Legend.

    Tagline: You are Legend.

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  • SonikFan112

    The only weapons in this Mutation are Hunting Rifles, pistols, and Melee weapons. All Special Infected are replaced by Hunters. If all four survivors are pounced, one Hunter will be forced off a survivor. Versus mode.

    Just a idea I had.

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  • Lasmoore

    Mutation Idea: Boomer Time

    October 16, 2010 by Lasmoore

    Rules: the only Infected are Common, Uncommon, and Boomers. Boomers health is now 750. Attack damage with Claws is 10 damage per hit. Its Bile Acts as Spitter Acid and normal Boomer Bile. Boomers are also as fast as Jockeys now. It is a Versus Mutation.

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  • Lasmoore

    Mutation Idea: L-Team

    October 16, 2010 by Lasmoore

    My own idea. Tell me what you think. It is a Versus Mutation.

    Rules: All guns have Unlimited ammo. Only 1 Med-Kit and Pain Pill for each Survivor. All infected get a Speed, Attack, and Health boost. Sppeed increases 10%. Attack increases 30%. And Health increases 50%. One survivor has a M60 and a Magnum. One survivor has a Grenade Launcher and duel P220 Pistol's. One survivor has a AK-47 and a Ax. The last Survivor has a Assault Rifle and a Crowbar.

    Tagline: The L-Team is on the Job.

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  • Lasmoore

    A mix between Scavange and Realism.

    Rules: You have to search around the map for the Gascans. You cant see any outlines around objects. Making it more of a challenge.

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  • Lasmoore

    A mix between Last man on earth and Scavange.

    Rules: Same thing as Scavange and Last man on Earth. Your by yourself and get gascans in. Get 8 Gascans in to win.

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  • Lasmoore

    A mix between Survival and Scavage.

    Tagline: How many can you get before you die?

    Rules: The goal is to get as much Gas cans in the Generator before you and your teammates die. There are a Unlimited amount of Gas cans. After you collect all the Gas cans they will respawn.

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  • Lasmoore

    Mutation Idea: Scout

    October 15, 2010 by Lasmoore

    Its not the best name, I know. If you have a better one, post it in the comments.

    Items: The only Items in the map are Pipe Bombs, Adrenaline Shots, Baseball Bats, Pistols, and Combat Shotguns.

    Infected: the Uncommon Common of the Campaigns, Jockeys, Hunters, and Smokers.

    Rules: Acts as a Vs Game. The Survivors start out with Baseball Bats and Adrenaline Shots. They can find other Items around the map.

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  • Paladin cross

    L4d RPG

    October 11, 2010 by Paladin cross

    On the Z11installation07 board, I am trying to set up a l4d RPG. If interested go to the site (bing it), but be warned that you must somewhat enjoy the game Halo as well.

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  • Riot Infected

    "We should all learn from our past mistakes and work together towards a brighter future."

    Better words were never spoken. In this seminar to all survivors trying to live in a world half-overrun by the vicious Green Flu Infection, Mercer, Security will demonstrate why our containment policies with CEDA to quarantine the southern United States failed and how we failed our own employees by neglecting to take the proper protective measures. Now, on to Step One.

    Now most anti-zombie armour depicted in the media (And used by Mercer during the epidemic) looks like this. When you see the above image, you think, "Perfect." Well, it looks nice but let's examine it...

    Firstly it has a lot of Grab-Points. A Grab-Point is quite literally anything an Infec…

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  • G1n032

    Valve wiki links.

    October 10, 2010 by G1n032

    Hey guys, just suggesting: shouldn't we make a sidebarlink to other Valve wikis like what the Combine Overwiki does?

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  • Lasmoore

    Hey, ill be posting up ideas for new things in the L4D Universe that Survivors can use.

    Rules: Same thing as Survival. But the only resources you got are Defib's and Pills and Molotovs around the Map. You start out with Sniper Rifles and Machetes. The basic goal is to survive only with a few twiks. Tell me the things i can improve on and the Pros and Cons. Thnx for Reading. Please Comment

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  • Lasmoore

    Next L4D DLC

    October 9, 2010 by Lasmoore

    So, hi! Im new here. Anyways, Valve never said there would be more DLC. But they said the story will continue. Most likely a L4D3 will come out after Half-Life 3 or Portal 2. But there could be more DLC. And i think Valve should make the next DLC big. I want New guns, New grenades, New Melee weapons, and a Five or four chapter campaign. Also some new mutations. Hell!, ill be glad about a New Infected, Uncommon Common or a new Survivor. The story should either be about what happened to L4D Survivors after the Passing. And the can Run in to a new Survivor for a fourth player. A replacement for Bill basicly. Or about what happened to the L4D2 Survivors after The Parish. And if we Downloaded The Lighthouse and Crash Course for L4D, we get them…

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  • Shotty729

    The Sacrifice

    October 5, 2010 by Shotty729

    I just realized but The Sacrifice isn't on the xbox live game market place. Does any one know why? Or when it is going to be on?

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  • Zombiez1001


    September 16, 2010 by Zombiez1001

    Hey, its me. I just wanted to say, HOW THE HELL DO I GET AN INFOBOX!?

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  • Zombiez1001

    Whats Up

    September 16, 2010 by Zombiez1001

    Hey, its me. I just wanted to say, HOW THE HELL DO I GET AN INFOBOX!?

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  • Hunter Punter

    Got guns? Check. Other suvivors? Check. Food and water? Check. A place to hold out? Check. Now let's zoom ahead about a month or so. Is the food you haven't touched still good? If they are processed stuff like Twinkies, potato chips, or Cheese Doodles, you're probably still good. However, for stuff that really gets your body going like bread, milk, fruits and other stuff like that, that stuff won't last beyond a week and will be rotten by then. Now imagine this happening in the entire country, limiting the food supply. Only junk food will be left and you don't know if the store down the block hasn't been raided already and your current supply is gonna run out eventually. To make matters worse, there's a good chance some places will have al…

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  • Shawty71

    Why Zombies are impossible

    September 13, 2010 by Shawty71

    I feel an uncanny sense of uncomfortableness in what I'm about to do. Analogous to a parent preparing to tell their child there is no Santa Claus. But I believe it is necessary that everyone know that the theoretical "Zombie" or "Undead" Scenario is completely impossible. Since L4D is actually about an infected rather than zombies, the events that occur are indeed possible, while still highly unlikely.

    The typical or "George A Romero" zombie scenario calls for a person who has died or is already dead to come back to life as a manic, soulless, flesh hungry/blood thirsty shell of a human that is slow-moving but resilient to the point that only cranial penetration (preferably with a bullet) can subdue it. Further, said zombie can thus spread t…

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  • LoneWolfHBS5

    Uploaded my entry not too long ago. Will be really nice if y'all watch it and review it for me.

    If you have your own entry, post your links here too for others to watch.

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  • Speical ops genral minigun

    Should i get L4D2 for windows

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  • Bevo12372

    Left 4 Dead 2 features a whole different array of weapons, ammo and new campaigns. The biggest and most anticapated thing was the new melee weapons and a new better gun selection than in Left 4 Dead. New guns are Silenced Sub Machine Gun, Magnum Pistol, and in DYL M60s and G4 Pistols. New melee weapons axes, swords, baseball bats and paddles in DYL golf clubs and other things. New characters include Ellis a mechaic, Nick a prison inmate, Rochelle is a movie producer and Coach is a high school football coach. Now we have new ammo for your weapons. My advice is when you have the ammo get a gun with a very large clip so you don't run out so fast. You have explosive ammo the most powerful of them all. Inflamery ammol which lighhts the infected…

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  • TheManOfIron

    Mine is Bill, and it sucks he died in the second Left 4 Dead, but as the old saying goes, "There can only be one top dog".

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  • General Q-Nek


    August 7, 2010 by General Q-Nek

    I play alot of Left 4 Dead and I love reading these articles so why not just write it? I don't have Xbox Live so I just use an exploit(?) to play with my neighbor ( One survivor, one Infected).

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  • Greel1997

    Why no 360 likey?

    July 20, 2010 by Greel1997

    You should be able to do custom campaigns on the 360! Anyone who agrees with me, leave a comment!

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  • PileOPapers


    July 12, 2010 by PileOPapers

    Okay, so I was thinking of getting Left 4 Dead (1 and 2) for my PC, because I've been using Xbox for the past little while, and I want all the features left out of the Xbox version. However, I want to test if my PC can even run it smoothly without lagging or crappy graphics. I have the demo of Killing Floor, and it seems to run pretty well, but I'm not sure if that's a good comparison, seeing as the games were released years apart.

    What I am asking is: Can I still get the demo version of Left 4 Dead 2, or is it discontinued?

    Please help! D:

    ~PileOPapers 18:22, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

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  • TheBlueGriffin

    I am planning on writing a Left 4 Dead story taking place in Southern California. Here are some of my ideas. (P.S. I'm new at blogs. If this technically isn't a blog, please alert me so I can change it.)

    Alex (For sure name): 19 years old, white male, black straight short hair, grey sweatshirt, blue jeans, black sneakers, prefers submachine guns and assault rifles, prefers swords/ long blades.

    Oscar (For sure name): 25 years old, black male, black short curly hair, wears red bandana, black skull shirt, black jeans, white sneakers, prefers shotguns and hunting rifles, prefers pistols, magnums, and grenades (throwable items).

    Brianna (Not sure name, may be edited): 31 years old, white female, red curly long hair, purple top, blue skinny jeans, …

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  • GeneralOwnage55


    June 16, 2010 by GeneralOwnage55

    Share stories of the crazy things in L4D and L4D2 (Things like epic fails/wins, weird glitches, etc.)

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  • Metroid101

    Left 4 Dead Movie

    June 7, 2010 by Metroid101

    Blog is currently under construction

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  • Soldier of the Wasteland

    What's your favorite quote. It can be from anywhere.

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